Steps In Our Process

Please click on the tabs below for an overview of each step in our grant-making process.

Step 1: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)


The Letter of Intent (LOI) is the first formal step in the grant process. This is the starting point even if you have applied for or received a grant from the Konar Foundation in the past. The form is designed to provide our staff and trustees with enough preliminary information to determine whether an organization is eligible to apply for funding. We also take this opportunity to confirm the organization’s tax status, contact information, review its overall financial health, and assess any legal and financial risks associated with the grant. Please note that the LOI is not to be confused with an application, nor will it be recognized in place of one.

Organizations submitting an LOI are typically notified of their results within two to six weeks. Based on the information provided in the LOI, the Konar Foundation will determine whether to decline the request or approve it and extend an invitation to submit a comprehensive application through the online grant portal.


To begin the Letter of Inquiry process, click on the LOI Form link below.


Please prepare to complete the entire form in a single session as you will not be able to save your work. You will also be required to upload your organization’s current balance sheet and income and expense statement.

Step 2: Application

The application is the second step in the formal grant process. If your LOI is approved, the Foundation will invite your organization to submit a comprehensive grant application through the online portal. Invitations to apply for funding will be emailed to the primary contact listed in the LOI. The email will outline specific instructions and guidelines for utilizing the online grant portal and completing the application. The letter will also contain a unique passcode required to access the application form once logged into the system.

Once your application is submitted, our staff will review it in conjunction with Foundation Trustees and, for grants relating to education, with our Pre-K to 12 Education Advisory Council members. From there, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees makes the final determination on all grant awards at their quarterly meetings. Please refer to the Timeline section for additional guidance on meeting and submission dates.

Foundation staff will notify applicants of their next steps within two weeks following the applicable board meeting date. Prospective grantees will be notified if any changes or adjustments to the proposal are needed prior to making a decision.

If a grant application is approved, the Foundation and the grantee organization will sign an award agreement that includes the specific terms of the grant, the payment schedule, a publicity agreement, and any required monitoring and reporting guidelines.


Once your organization has received its invitation email from the Konar Foundation, you may proceed to the application process by clicking on the link below.


First-time users will be required to complete the registration process. If you are a returning user, you may log in to your existing portal account.

As part of the application process, you may be required to upload the following documents as applicable:

  • 501(c)(3) IRS Letter
  • Project Budget Worksheet or Organization’s Annual Budget
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

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 Please note that completing an application does not guarantee funding for your project.

Step 3: Monitoring (Site Visits)

Site visits are designed to acquire a sense of how the program’s implementation aligns with the original work plan and assess the program’s progress against the original schedule. It provides a forum for our staff members to engage with participants in the program to determine if it is meeting the desired goals and outcomes. Information obtained during these visits is shared with trustees during their quarterly meetings. On occasion, exemplary grantees/organizations are invited to make a formal presentation to the Board of Trustees.

All grantees that receive $25,000 in funding or greater will be required to complete a one-time site visit. The award agreement will outline any site visit requirements associated with your organization’s grant.

When appropriate, the prospective grantee may be required to complete a preliminary site visit before funds are awarded.

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Step 4: Reporting

All grantee organizations are required to complete and submit a final report at the end of their project or initiative. Grantees receiving $25,000 or greater in funding will also be required to complete an interim report to be submitted midway through their project. All reports are to be submitted through the online grant system.

A vital element of the report is the narrative in which the grantee addresses project implementation, deviations from the initial program, evaluation process and measures, results and associated evidence, challenges encountered, and lessons learned. Additional elements include the submission of an updated program budget and supporting documentation. The outcomes and impact documented in the final report will serve as prerequisites for any future or additional funding.

All reports are to be submitted through the online grant portal.

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