Parents In Meeting

Parent Engagement and Advocacy

The Children’s Agenda – Public Transparency, Awareness and Accountability: TCA’s “Triple A” initiative focuses on improving students’ educational outcomes through a detailed analysis of the RCSD budget.  The goal is to determine “how to direct public resources to evidence-based strategies and programs with the highest likelihood of contributing to students’ success in school and life.” Additional goals include increasing public transparency, awareness and accountability; identification of policy, expenditure and funding alternatives; and supporting parents’ demands that help win changes in policy and funding. This initiative is for a minimum of two years.

The Education Trust – New York – Building Parent Capacity for Resource Equity Advocacy in Rochester: This project serves as an additional resource and extension of the Foundation’s current efforts to support an informed citizenry and greater agency among parents via The Children Agenda’s Budget Analysis. Building upon The Education Trust’s advocacy and policy expertise, this initiative includes the following components:

  • Building and refining a state-of-the-art data visualization tool that shares school level funding information;
  • Collaborating with The Children’s Agenda and other local agencies to create the convening of parents to discuss data and budget advocacy, and to seek their input on improving the data visualization tool;
  • Supporting the expansion and sustainability of parent advocacy in Rochester around issues of resource equity.