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Privacy Policy


We value an individual’s right to privacy. When an individual (visitor) visits the William and Sheila Konar Foundation’s (Foundation) website there are pieces of data that are collected automatically as well as other data that is voluntarily provided by the visitor.


This privacy statement is part of a comprehensive privacy policy utilized by the Foundation to protect personally identifiable information collected through our website. We recognize that the data protection process is specific to the purposes and tools used to collect data. As such, this privacy statement provides a level of focus and detail to activities pertaining to our website,


The Foundation’s website is focused on providing information about the work of our foundation and to collect information from parties who may be interested in working with the foundation either as a grantee or in some other capacity. The Foundation website does not target those under the age of eighteen as an intended audience. It is not the Foundation’s intent to collect information from any individual under the age of eighteen. If the Foundation detects that information has been submitted by an individual under the age of eighteen, this information will be deleted from our systems and those of our contractors. There is no tracking set-up in our website analytics that would allow for the identification of someone’s age.

Data Management

The Foundation does not sell any of the data that we collect through our website, whether it is automatically generated or is provided by an individual who is filling out one of our forms. Furthermore, the Foundation will not share any personally identifiable information with external third parties without the consent of the individual. The Foundation reserves the right to aggregate the information collected through the website to use as means of reporting the number of applicants that request funding through our website. The Foundation does not engage in the purchasing of data from other entities to create data sets that append those collected through the website in order to form any type of visitor profile.

Information Collected:

  • Automated (Cookies)
    Data is collected immediately upon the loading of the Foundation website. The Foundation uses third party applications to conduct this data collection. The names of these companies are SiteGround and Google Analytics. Please feel free to review their respective privacy policies by clicking on their names.
    The website will track the following information: IP Address, country, city, language, the length of stay on each page of the website, and how you got to our website (e.g. clicked a link, did a Google search).  We have no way of telling anyone’s age who visits our website.
  • Personal Information Provided by the User
    There are two distinct categories of personally identifiable information that are collected, those that directly connect to a person’s identity and those that indirectly may reveal someone’s identity (Tables 1 and 2).

Table 1: Data Elements Provided by the User – Directly Connected to An Individual’s Identity

Name of Data Element Purpose
Email Address This field is provided so that the website user can contact the Foundation with their email address, thereby requesting additional information about the Foundation.
Name of Organization This information is used in order to process applications received by the Foundation.
Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Phone Number
First Name
Last Name
Email of Lead
Phone Number of Lead
First Name of Executive Director/President/CEO
Last Name of Executive Director/President/CEO
Email of Executive Director/President/CEO
Phone number of Executive Director/President/CEO
First Name of Board President
Last Name of Board President


Table 2: Data Element Provided by the User – Indirectly Connected to An Individual’s Identity

Name of Data Element Purpose
Organization’s EIN This information is used in order to process applications received by the Foundation.


The Foundation’s website also collects other information as part of the application process provided by the visitor that are NOT considered to connect to an individual’s identity. These fields are outlined in Table 3.

Table 3: Data Elements – Not Directly or Indirectly Connected to An Individual’s Identity

Name of Data Element Purpose
Year of Incorporation All of the data and uploaded files provided in these fields are part of the program-based application process and are not connected to an individual, but instead to the 501(c)(3) organization making the funding request.
Title of Proposed Initiative
Type of Funding Request
Target Population
Number of People to be Served
Brief Description of Proposed Initiative
Explanation of Alignment with The William & Sheila Konar Foundation’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and/or Funding Priorities:
Explanation of Alignment with The William & Sheila Konar Foundation’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and/or Funding Priorities:
Purpose, Goals and Objectives (Measurable) of the Proposed Initiative:
How Will the Target Population Benefit from the Proposed Initiative?:
Identification of Other Organizations/Funders Involved in Proposed Initiative:
Amount of Proposal Request
Timeframe for Implementation
Date Funds Needed

Letter from IRS Granting Your Organization 501(c)(3) Status (if applicable)

Upload: Budget Worksheet
Upload: Organization’s Balance Sheet
Upload: Organization’s Profit & Loss Statement
Download: Sample Work Plan  


Data Retention and Rights

The Foundation will retain inquiries for funding in accordance with the United States Department of Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements. Inquires for general information through an individual’s submission of their email address will be kept in our systems unless notified by the requested receiver that they no longer wish to receive information either through an unsubscribe request link included in any newsletters used, or through a direct email request to

The Foundation will review and respond to any written inquiries about personal information willfully submitted by an individual through our website and that are subsequently being stored on our systems. In the event that any personal information is submitted by error, we will make every effort to remove the data from our systems. These inquiries can be sent to

Updates to this Policy

This privacy policy is a living document and will be updated as needed. If there is any element that requires additional consent pertaining to data that is personally identifiable that a visitor provided to us, we will contact the visitor via email to request it.

The Foundation believes in a transparent data collection and use framework. Should you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact us at