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Mission, Vision, Values

“Excellence in Philanthropy is measured by results, not by good intentions!” ~ Philanthropy Roundtable

A Simple Mission, A Higher Purpose: Improving Lives

William and Sheila Konar experienced firsthand the profound degree to which access to education and health care opportunities can improve lives. At the heart of our work at the William & Sheila Konar Foundation is the vision of supporting communities to improve the lives of all individuals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the William & Sheila Konar Foundation is to support the work of charitable organizations in Rochester, New York and elsewhere. In determining the levels of support appropriate for different organizations, the Foundation will be guided by the philanthropic goals and priorities of its founders, William and Sheila Konar. These goals and priorities include the support of programs and institutions, in Rochester, New York and elsewhere, which:

  1. Enhance opportunities for education;
  2. Benefit the Jewish community;
  3. Support Rochester cultural and civic organizations;
  4. Promote access to and improvement of health care services; and
  5. Provide education about the consequences of prejudice and hatred and promote ethnic, religious, and cultural understanding and tolerance.

Vision Statement

To improve lives by promoting educational opportunities, access to health care and a more tolerant civil society.

Core Values

  • Promoting excellence through coherent philanthropy and humility in giving
  • Modeling integrity and transparency in all interactions and transactions
  • Collaborating with diverse partners to promote community asset and capacity building
  • Serving with purpose to promote ethnic, religious and cultural understanding