Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring (Site Visits)

Site visits provide a forum for our staff members to engage with participants in the program to determine if it meets the desired goals and outcomes. Information obtained during these visits is shared with our Board of Trustees during their quarterly meetings.

All grantee organizations that receive $25,000 or more in funding from the Konar Foundation will be required to complete a one-time site visit during their grant period. The formal award agreement received at the time of approval will outline the specific site visit requirements associated with your organizationā€™s grant.

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All grantee organizations awarded $25,000 or more in funding must complete a final report at the end of their project or grant period. Occasionally, first-time grantees may also be required to complete an interim report midway through their project.

A vital element of the report is the narrative in which the grantee addresses project implementation, deviations from the initial program, evaluation process and measures, results and associated evidence, challenges encountered, and lessons learned. Additional elements include the submission of an updated program budget and supporting documentation. The outcomes and impact documented in the final report will serve as prerequisites for future or additional funding.

All reports must be submitted through the onlineĀ Grant Portal.

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